New Blog and my New Years Eve

Well, this is my new blog.  Nothing too fancy to start with, but there is plenty of room to grow and learn.  I thought to start off with I would share how I ended 2009.  Starting a beginning with an ending, pretty fun huh?  I was asked to babysit Harleigh, who is one of my favorite little kids.  She is adorable and she loves me, so why wouldn’t I want to spend New Years Eve with her?  She was absolutely giddy that I came to babysit her.  When I first got there she couldn’t stop running around.  Then she proceeded to have me go upstairs to see her Christmas present, which was a box full of Disney princess dress up costumes.  She was an absolute joy all evening and totally cracked me up.  I brought my camera along, but only managed to snap two pictures and only one of them is worth posting.  It used to be that you could never get this girl to look at a camera long enough to snap a picture, but last night she posed liked this for a full minute while I set up this shot.  How they grow!

After babysitting, I headed over to another house to dogsit.  So I my new years was a very low key affair, which was just fine by me.  I rang in 2010 comforting a dog scared by fireworks, but it was still good.  I am looking to make some changes in my life this year and I’m glad I’ve got a new blog to document it.  Here’s a few things I have to blog about already:  new sewing projects, new photos, cookie recipes and my first publication as a photographer!!


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