Christmas Breakfast

I just finished downloading pictures from my point and shoot camera and boy do I have a lot to catch up on.  I cannot believe how many pictures are on there, just waiting to be blogged about!  So I will be working backwards a bit.  These first pictures are from breakfast on Christmas morning.  Usually every Christmas Eve my family spends with another family we’ve known since our days in Singapore.  We go over to their house after Christmas Eve services at church.  Christmas Eve is Keaton’s birthday, so we help celebrate it with dinner and a rousing game of Dominos.  (I have been known to win Dominos in years past.)  However, this year was different because Nick’s wife is pregnant and due three weeks after Christmas.  Nick and his wife live in the Dallas area, so traveling three hours to the Austin area was a no go.  So, this year it was just me and the brother and the parents.  We had pizza together and played Blockus together.  We did have our traditional Christmas day though.  We get up and open presents together, then eat breakfast together.  This year we had two different breakfast dishes.  We had our traditional monkey bread.  This stuff has no good nutritional value to it, but boy does it taste good.  We also had creme brule french toast.  My mom bought this french toast over a year ago and we kind of forgot about it.  It is from Chez Zee and was deserving of a special breakfast.  This year, we finally remembered the french toast and decided to make it.  And let me tell you, it was good.  Really good.  I forgot to take a picture of it after cooking it, so the picture you see if of the loaf, pre-cooking.


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