Christmas Dinner

I have managed to reach the age where my mom asks for my input on what we should for Christmas Dinner.  That being said, we and I especially, still tend towards very traditional Christmas dinner fare when it comes to choosing the menu.  My first request was “the rolls”, aka Sister Shubert’s rolls.  They are impossibly good and I love them, love them, love them.  (Even though they are white bread.)  In fact, I love them so much my mom sent the leftovers home with me.  We also had ham, grilled by my dad, yummy cheesy potatoes, broccoli and salad.  Over all, a simple, yet perfectly lovely Christmas dinner.  For dessert, my mom made two pies: cherry and pumpkin, our family’s personal favorites.  We decided to dive into the cherry pie that night and enjoyed it with some wonderful vanilla ice cream.  In addition, my mom set the beautiful table you see below.  It was just me and my parents and my brother in from L.A., but it was a great day together.  I was also dog sitting for a family in church, but I was asked to dogsit for someone else for Christmas night.  Since I was already dog sitting, I had to decline and volunteered my brother instead. But I had to go with him and “introduce” him to one of dogs (he doesn’t like strangers, they make him nervous.)  After several cubes of cheese via my brother, it was safe for him to stay there.


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