My “Big” Christmas present

Well,  I would like to start off with an apology for both taking forever to blog again and then also posting yet another thing about Christmas.  I promise there is only one more post related to Christmas after this.  Every year my parents always buy me and my brother a “big” Christmas present and then a few small Christmas presents.  By big, I mean big cost.  In the past my “big” gifts have included my class ring for College, the complete set of Calvin and Hobbes, a gift certificate for a half day at Lake Austin Spa, an ipod, and you get the idea.  Well this year, my parents actually gave me my “big” gift early.  They gave me a new radio for my car.  You may remember in this post, that I was in a car accident a little over a year ago and my first car ever, was destroyed.  So I got the car you see pictured in the previous post.  Well, in the entire time I have owned it the radio has had horrible, spotty reception and the CD player is broken.  And by broken I mean, I would put in a CD, it would think about it and then spit the CD back out.  No the stereo system did also have a tape deck, but since I am a child of the technology age, I was fresh out of tapes to try.  So instead I listened to spotty radio or fuzz or silence.  This Christmas however, all that has changed.  Presenting my brand new car stereo system:

As you can see I was very excited about this present.  I don’t have the information in front of me of what type of stereo system it is because all that info is in my car right now and I’m too tired to go get it out.  But I will tell you it has excellent radio reception and plays CDs extremely well and it is Bluetooth capable!  I have even had the chance to try out the Bluetooth capabilities after my brother oh so kindly set it up for me.  I must admit I will enjoy being able to talk on the phone while driving and not have to worry about getting my phone out of my purse.

Can you tell how excited I was by this present?


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