Reversible Pocket Sling

My friend Beth is  wonderful seamstress and makes all kinds of great gifts for the people she knows.  Several months ago she posted a tutorial on making a reversible pocket sling here.  She has talked about what a great item it is to have as a mom and how much it has helped her with her baby.  Family friends of mine were expecting their first baby and I wanted to make them this sling.  I emailed Beth to see if she had the time to spare to let me come over and teach me how to make the sling.  I knew I could just use the tutorial if she was busy, but why not get the info from the teacher herself!  Beth graciously agreed to let me come over one afternoon last month and I made the pocket sling.  She states on the tutorial that when you buy the fabric for this you technically buy enough for two.  Beth suggested I could make a nursing cover, but I decided instead to make two.  One for the mom-to-be and one to donate to church.  Since I made the sling for church it has been a huge help.  My church’s nursery holds ages 0-6 years, so I basically need more arms and hands than originally equipped with.  This sling has helped so much.  We have a five month old baby who will go in the sling and then I have two free arms to use for the other kids.  I am hoping Sarah will find the sling to be just as useful.  I picked very girly fabrics since Sarah is expecting a little girl and the baby at church is a girl too.

Beth thank you so much for letting me come over and bug you for an entire afternoon!!!


2 thoughts on “Reversible Pocket Sling

  1. Yay! I’m so glad that it’s been helpful! It really is one of the best items that a new mom can have in her baby soothing arsenal!

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