I’m on a website!

I have literally been meaning to post about this for months now, and have continuously forgotten up until now.  You will probably remember the photography workshop I took back in April out in the Hill Country.  (My birthday present to myself.)  It was an amazing week!  I had so much fun, learned so much and became a significantly better photographer.  Well, the man who lead the workshop is actually the man who started Rocky Mountain School of Photography!  He is an incredible photographer, who studied under amazing photographers including Ansel Adams.  He is also one of the most congenial people you will ever meet.  He is the type of person who never meets a stranger because he manages to becomes friends with everyone he meets instantly.  Also, his name is Neil, the same as my brother’s, and it’s spelled the same way also which is unusual since most people spell it Neal.  (They are obviously not as cool as the other Neils.)  Well, he and his assistant Heather would occasionally take out their cameras to record something and one photo he recorded was me following his advice at Perdernales Falls.  Neil advises photographers to use a viewing frame to help compose your photo before you take it.  Well, the picture you see here is me doing just that (and looking like a dork with my pants rolled up like that!)  I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it here.  You have to scroll down to the section called Neil’s corner and towards the end you’ll find the photo and Neil’s photography advice.  Enjoy!


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