Today’s post will be an excellent example at what a stellar procrastinator I am!  Back in undergrad, I spent a semester in Honduras studying Third World Development studies for my minor.  I was an amazing semester and I had tons of pictures from the three and half months I was there.  All of these pictures were taken on film, because that was the medium I was still using, and so obviously all this pictures had been processed right after I got home.  Now this semester was during my junior year of college, so in other words Spring Semester of 2003.  It took me until the middle of 2008 to even start a scrapbook for this semester and then it took me until December of 2009 to finish it!  And then it took me until February of 2010 to write about it on my blog!  As I stated, a stellar example of my procrastination abilities!  Anyway, I wish I had some of the photos scanned in so that I could show them to you on the blog here, but I guess if you want to see them you will have to come over and view the scrapbook in person!


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