Irish Car Bombs

Here’s the thing.  I don’t like beer.  I have friends who have tried endlessly to find beer I will like and after two years of trying, there are two wheat beers I have found which I don’t hate.  A vast improvement for me.  There is one thing though that I do not enjoy: Irish Car Bombs.  I tried one over a year ago while celebrating someone’s birthday.  All of us were doing Irish Car Bombs and I willingly agreed to try one because I was told “It tastes just like a chocolate milkshake!”  Turns out my friends are liars, because it does not taste like chocolate milkshakes.  It tastes like coffee.  For most people this would not be a problem, because most people enjoy coffee.  I, on the other hand, do not.  I refuse to drink coffee, mostly because my youth pastor in high school was so throughly addicted to coffee that it forever turned me off coffee.  Since I managed to survive undergrad and graduate school without coffee, I imagine I can go the rest of my life without it.  So when it comes time for my friends to partake in Irish Car Bombs again, I happily take the role of photographer.  As I was going through some old photos yesterday I found pictures from the last few times I was around when we did Irish Car Bombs.  This is what I get to document:

They get really excited when they order Car Bombs.

Really excited.

Notice how I'm holding a glass of water.

Poised and ready.

All done.

Gearing up.

The components.

Bottoms up!

And this is what happens afterward. We stand on random scaffolding in the backyard.


One thought on “Irish Car Bombs

  1. I didn’t drink coffee regularly until I had Jude. just saying…

    And I’ve never had an Irish car bomb, but I have made car bomb cupcakes, which are amazing. 🙂

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