Square Mirror Craft

One of the elder’s wives in my church is this incredibly crafty person, who also happens to be an event planner and has the most amazing craft room in her house.  I babysit their daughter from time to time and I got this idea from her.  IKEA has these great square mirrors for really cheap which are really easy to decorate.  They come in a couple of different colors.  I happened to get the birch colored ones and then painted them black, but they do have black ones as well.

In order to do this craft I just took scrapbook paper and cut it out to match the size of frame.  I left a half inch margin around the middle where the mirror is for additional effect.  (I guess that’s the term.)  I used rubber cement to attach the paper to the frame and took a chinamarker and wrote Smile on the mirror.  I really like how they turned out.  These mirrors have come in really handy at work because we hang them up in our cubicles, to not only check our own appearance, but also to see who is standing at the “door” of our cubicle when we’re facing the computer.  If you want to do this it’s really easy, but I definately recommend picking the most outlandish scrapbook paper you have, or at least the most colorful.  Otherwise it will come out rather dull.  And then you’ll have to go out and buy peacock feathers to glue on to spruce it up.


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