Chocolate White Chocolate Chip Biscotti

I made these a looooong time ago for a bake sale.  I personally love biscotti.  I think it is such a great treat and there are so many great recipes out there for biscotti.  I remember having orange-walnut biscotti one time when I was at a coffee shop in Minnesota.  It was fantastic.  For the bake sale I decided to go with chocolate since it tends to appeal to a wider range of people.  I found a recipe online for chocolate chip biscotti here.  Then decided to modify it to punch up the chocolate factor.  Instead of 1 3/4 C flour, I did 1 C of flour and 3/4 C of cocoa.  Then white chocolate chips instead of regular chocolate chips.  Then after baking them, I melted more white chocolate and dipped half of each biscotti in the white chocolate.  Then I took the leftover melted white chocolate and drizzled it over the biscotti.  Not only were they tasty, but they turned out quite pretty if I do say so myself.


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