No-Knead Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns

During basic training at my new job, us newbies decided to do a potluck one day.  Since there are 30 of us, we decided to do breakfast and lunch.  I had seen both Ellie and Beth make these sticky buns and post about them on their blogs and I thought they sounded wonderful!  I am a total carbaholic, so pretty much anything to do with bread or pasta makes me really happy.  I knew the recipe made way too much to feed just me, so I jumped at the opportunity to make them for work.  This recipe was fantastic.  The sticky buns were so good.  I made up the dough on a Wednesday night and let it sit overnight.  Then on Thursday night I rolled out the dough and made the buns themselves.  I let it rise and refrigerate overnight.  Then woke up in the morning and preheated the oven while I went for a walk and then put the buns in while I got ready for the day.  They were ready to go by the time I was ready to go.  It was perfect for taking to work.

No-Knead Caramel Pecan Sticky Buns


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