Happy Easter and Happy April!!!

Happy Easter everyone!  I am thrilled April is here!  It is my favorite month.  I love it, for multiple reasons.  First of all, it’s wildflower season in April.  The best season to be in Texas.  You see all the gorgeous flowers decorating the highways.  There are fields of them everywhere it seems! This of course give me plenty more excuses to take my camera out and snap some pictures (as if I didn’t already have an excuse!) This is also the month tulips bloom.  When I was attending college in Grand Rapids, Michigan I loved all the bulb flowers blooming this time of year, especially tulips.  Tulips are my favorite and Calvin has a very big dutch history so there were always plenty of tulips!  It does make me sad that most bulb flowers won’t bloom down here in Texas, but the fairer weather in winter is a pretty good trade off.  Speaking of weather, another reason I love April is the weather.  It’s a great time of year to eat outside, take a hike, sail around the lake or just lay in the grass soaking up the sun.  It’s not any wonder the flowers bloom this time of year, it’s a reminder to get outside and enjoy the weather!  Another reason I love April is because of Easter.  Easter almost always falls in April and it is such a wonderful holiday.  Not only does the foundation of Christianity rest on this holiday, the celebration of Christ conquering death through His resurrection, but it’s a chance to get together as a family.  This year I joined my parents at their house for dinner, where we ate out on the deck, enjoying the beauty of the day.  We had lamb, which I think was exceedingly fitting.

And lastly, the reason I love April so much is because it’s my birthday month!  My birthday is coming up in just a few short days!!  I love being born in April, it’s such a great time of year to have a birthday.  There are plenty of options for stuff to do to celebrate and people are usually in a good mood because winter is over and spring is here and the sun is out!  So go, enjoy this wonderful month.

Little girls in Easter Sunday dresses! Who doesn't love that!

They are just all too cute!

I can't post about wildflowers and then not put up pictures of them!

Because it's pretty and springy!


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