Renee’s Bachelorette Party

I have so many photos for blog posts this week and I am so excited!!!  Yeah for things to blog to about.  Now, hopefully I will be diligent in this week about blogging.  So to start, I have Renee’s Bachelorette party from April Fools Day.  We had a great time together.  We started at 219 West downtown for dinner, drinks and lingerie shower.  They have a great happy hour there with $5 martinis, which were really good.  I had a peach martini and loved it.  They also have fantastic food.  I loved their quesadillas and tilapia nachos!  We then moved on to Cuba Libre for Martinis and Manicures.  It was rather quiet in there that night, which actually suited us well because we got to take a up a whole booth in the lounge.  We attempted to head over to W 6th St for dancing, but since it was Thursday night and no one had dancing down there, so headed over to E 6th where we knew they had dancing and we danced until we were tired and ready to go home.  It was a really good night.

On another note: my email account has been pfished or something like that, so if you get random spam mail from me, please delete it.  I’m really sorry.


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