Renee & Andrew’s Wedding

Renee & Andrew were married last Saturday at Starhill Ranch, in a beautiful ceremony.  Starhill Ranch is this adorable little wedding venue that is owned by a guy whose dream was to own an old fashioned western town.  Over the years he accumulated all these buildings and it’s now a wedding venue.  I am so happy Renee and Andrew found each other, they are the complement to each other and God made them specifically for each other.  It was such an honor to be a part of their wedding.  I was asked to do a reading during the wedding: Genesis 2:21-14.  I also went early to help my friend Erica set up the centerpieces and decorate the gazebo for the ceremony.  Decorating the gazebo was interesting because it was about 10 ft tall and we didn’t have a ladder.  We had an old rickety table and a step stool.  So we put the stepstool on the table and Erica climbed up there while four people held the step stool and I handed her the draping and flowers.  As you can see, it was really interesting.

It came out looking gorgeous though!

We had wonderful weather for the wedding, beautiful and sunny.  I even got a little sunburnt!  The ceremony was absolutely lovely.

The Groom awaiting his Bride.

The ring bearer got a littler bored.

The first kiss!

I loved the detail Renee and Andrew put into their wedding.

The “cake” was really good too.



They seemed to enjoy eating them.

At least that was my interpretation.

Yeah, they enjoyed them.

So did Alexis and Eva.

In June it will be their turn.

Isn’t Starhill Ranch gorgeous.

Congratulations Renee & Andrew!!!!!


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