Harleigh & Tripp Part 1

More babysitting photos.  I’m not sure if you guys are sick of these or not.  If you are let me know.  I just like kids and therefore, like taking pictures of kids.  Last week I babysat these two together and they were hilarious together.  We were at Harleigh’s house and went outside for a while, where I shot most of these photos, but then when it was time to go back in, I gave Harleigh a bath.  Harleigh decided Tripp needed bath too and should join her.  I asked Tripp if he would want to join her and this was the converstaion:

Miss Jill: Tripp, do you want to take a bath with Harleigh?

Tripp: I guess so.

Harleigh: Take your clothes off Tripp.

Tripp: I’m going to take two baths today.(?)

Miss Jill: Is that ok with you?

Tripp: I guess so.

So, of course, being the photographer I am, I took pictures of the two of them bathing.  I then promised to provide the pictures to their parents.  Harleigh’s dad has already decided it’s good blackmail material for when Harleigh is a teenager and won’t obey.

You gotta love that face!

I love this sweet girl.

They had been "building a house" together. Hence the stick, it was a "hammer".

And of course, bathtime.


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