Cherry Denim Baby Outfit

I am ashamed to admit how long it took me to sew up this little outfit.  I started this outfit for Kate back in December before she was even born, and I didn’t finish it until a few weeks ago.   I would start it and then get confused by something and quit.  Or I used excuses like being tired from my new job, etc to keep myself from finishing it.  It turned out super cute, but I’m a little worried about how well it will fit.  I really hope I picked the right size and I totally guessed on the waist measurement because the instructions told you to measure the infants waist and then subtract an inch.  Well, little Kate lives in Dallas, so I can’t exactly go measure her waist whenever I want.  Plus, I wanted to surprise her parents, so well I guessed.  My mom wound up helping me on a few things and she even did the finishing touches on the hat.  I’m really glad I used this cute denim.  I may have to make another outfit for someone else’s little girl.

Like most outfits, the accessories make the dress.  I just love this little hat that goes with it!


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