Current Events (in my life at least…)

I’m behind in blogging, again.  Big surprise.  Here’s a little play by play for my life right now, boring as it may be:

-I have lost my voice.  I literally sound like a prepubescent boy with the way my voice is cracking.  The funny part is I have no idea why it happened.  My throat is not soar, at all.  I have not been sick and have not been bothered by allergies lately, but my vocal cords seem to think something is inflamming them.  This started Friday night while out at 219 West (more on that later), got worse on Saturday, and got even worse on Sunday.  I had children’s ministry that day too, so I spent all morning reading stories and telling kids to play nice, etc so I couldn’t exactly rest my voice.  So on Monday I stayed home from work in an effort to rest my voice, but it didn’t seem to help much because I’m still scratchy!

-My roomate is moving out!

-My brother got a job!  A permanent job!  He’s been searching for two years now for something permanent and finally got a permanent job last week!  Congrats Neil!

-I’ve started doing yoga twice a week at work and I love it!!  YogaYoga has a program called Yoga at Work where an instructor comes in and teaches a yoga class for a half hour.  I have it on Wed and Thur which gives me extra motivation to go to work on those days!

-The school semester is over, which means it is officially summer at Hill Country Bible Church UT.  One thing I love about my church is that about the time you start getting kind of tired of going to the 405 every Wed, the school semester ends and you get this nice break.  It’s such a great time to refresh.

So that sums up the updates in my life.  Hopefully now that I have more “time” I’ll be up to blogging more often.  But don’t count on it!


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