Birthday Wine Tasting

In the month of April my friends and I had not one, not two, but three birthdays to celebrate, including mine.  So a bunch of us got together for a wine tasting down at Driftwood Estate Winery.   It was a great day out there.  The Vineyard is really beautiful and the wine tasting was great.  We got to try nine different wines, a mix of reds and whites.  I wound up buying three bottles, including a bottle of red which is really unusual for me.  They will also let you sit out there and hang out which is what we did for a few hours.  If you buy a bottle of wine and tell them you are staying around they will make sure to give you a chilled bottle and uncork it for you to drink while you are there.  Then to top off the evening we all headed over to The Salt Lick for some good old fashioned BBQ.  Because after all, what is wine tasting in Texas without some barbecued meat to go with it.

Andrea, myself, and Allison: The Birthday Girls!

Allison driving the bus with Eva

The Vineyard

Allison giving Nathan the look.

That's some good BBQ!

The whole gang eating it up.

Allison really liked it!


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