Alexis’ Bridal Shower

On Mother’s Day weekend I helped throw a bridal shower for my dear friend Alexis who is getting married next month.  The shower was held at the beautiful house of the family she used to nanny for and it was a very special day.  Since Alexis is a violinist, we CDs of the couple’s favorite songs as favors and they turned out great.  I had originally asked my friend Erica to do flower arrangements for the shower since she is so good at it, but she was unable to be there, so the task fell to me.  Erica let me use her wholesale account and I went in and picked out flowers that I knew matched Alexis’ colors for her wedding: green, yellow and orange.  Erica has told me in the past that when it comes to flowers, you just keep sticking stuff in the vase and eventually it will turn out pretty.  Well I was a little unsure when I sat down to start, but I think they turned out pretty well for my first attempt at flower arranging.  I got a lot of compliments on them, so other people thought I did a good job too.

Alexis with the hosts & her mom.

First arrangement.

Second arrangement.

Third arrangement.

Fourth arrangement.

Alexis with Steven's stepmom.

Toilet Paper Dress Game

Alexis with the moms.


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