No manner of luck (aka the family curse)

So, as I shared in my last post I was in a car accident recently.  Well, last week on my way to a wedding I had the misfortune of being in another car accident.  Yep, I am about 99.9% sure I am cursed.  The only good part about this accident is that it is only slightly worse than a fender bender, the only damage is to my car and it is in no way shape or form my fault so I don’t have to pay for anything.  Thank goodness.  I must say I am very glad now that I got a used car instead of a brand new one.  I might still be crying if my brand new car was damaged within the first month of ownership.  And since I’m still dealing with the wreckage from the first car accident, I’m happy this one is going smoother.  On a positive note, after a month of PT I am almost done!  Yeah!  I have to go back for one last eval, but thankfully I have no more pain and seem to have regained full range of motion.  Well, hopefully next time around I will have something more cheerful to post about.


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