Joe & Lindsey’s Wedding

Remember me talking about how I was in a second car accident only a month after the first car accident in this post, on my way to a wedding.  Well this was the wedding, and despite the incident in trying to get there, the wedding was totally worthwhile.  Joe and Lindsey are so perfect together, it is amazing.  I’ve known Lindsey for almost five years now and she is one the kindest most passionate person you will ever meet.  We went on a mission trip together to Tanzania and bunked together and this girl who is about four years younger than me spoke incredible wisdom into my life.  I am so happy she is spending the rest of her life with someone as amazing as Joe.  They got married at the UT Alumni Center and it was a beautiful, crazy, fun wedding.

Wedding Guests: Renee & Andrew

Emily the maid of honor.

Praying during the ceremony.

Isn’t she just the happiest bride!

Seriously, the happiest.

The centerpieces were so much fun!  We built houses out of them!

Tripp was very excited about his creation.

This was their first dance.  I told you, crazy fun.

They ended the night by letting us pelt them with water balloons on the way to the car.  That was a first for me, let me tell you!  It was hilarious and totally them!


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