Western Michigan: Day 1

Last month I went on vacation to Western Michigan, home of my alma matter, Calvin College.  I love Western Michigan in the fall.  It has quintessential fall colors and the world just seems to glow in the autumn light.  I had originally planned to go on a photography workshop in Wyoming, but the workshop was cancelled at the last minute, and I already had the time off from work, so I decided to go visit some old friends and try to take advantage of this beautiful time of year up north.  My goal for the trip was photography.  I just really wanted to use my camera and feel like I can create something, instead of analyze something.  And I did it.

I started in Grand Rapids, MI.  Grand Rapids is a fabulous city.  It’s not huge, but not small either and it’s richly historic with a very active historic society that works hard to preserve the city’s heritage.  My first day I went around photographing some old hang out spots in Grand Rapids.  First stop was Gaslight Village which is the home to Jersey Junction, an adorable old fashioned ice cream shop.

Isn’t a cute little place?

Gaslight Village is right on the edge of Reeds Lake, where my Great Aunt and Great Uncle used to own property now owned by their son, my cousin.  It’s rather picturesque.  In fact East Grand Rapids High School overlooks the lake.  I don’t know how any of the students get any learning done with this to look at everyday.

And then to end the day, I finished up by photographing Yesterdog.  Yesterdog is a Grand Rapids institution.  It’sa  hot dog restaurant, that’s it.  Fabulous hot dogs.  The staff are not known for their customer service and they can be a little gruff, but the food is good and cheap and Calvin students have been going there for years upon years.  It’s in Eastown, which is kind of similar to East Austin.  Artsy, local, a little on the rundown side and cheap.  But still really fun.

So, that concludes my first day in GR.  I have plenty of other great photos to show you, and hopefully it won’t take me nearly two months to make the next post!


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