Western Michigan: Day 2, Part 2

I promised I would be back soon.  I had hoped it would be the next day, but I’m glad I didn’t guarantee it, because I would have been lying!!!  So my afternoon in Grand Rapids, Michigan was WONDERFUL!!!  Frederik Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids is a wonderful garden site.  In fact, my friend Vanessa got married there.  Positively beautiful.  I went several times when I was attending college in Grand Rapids, but when I was there in October they had a special exhibit going on of Dale Chihuly blown glass.  It was amazing!  I can’t even begin to describe how great his work is.  I was totally blown away.  I wish I was a significantly more talented/practiced/accomplished photographer in order to show you the true beauty of the blown I was seeing.  I was positively amazed at how well this brightly colored glass fit so well into the landscape of the gardens.  Apparently Dale Chihuly’s team comes ahead of time to view the sight and take pictures and then in the studio the team creates pieces for the exhibit.  I really do wish my photographs could do better justice to the glass, but if you ever get a chance to go see a Dale Chihuly exhibit, do not hesitate, GO!


I’m still amazed at how the glass seems to belong.


This one is my favorite.


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