Western Michigan: Day 3

Day 3 in Grand Rapids was rather wet and rainy, but that was okay because we spent the day doing a home tour of Heritage Hill.

Heritage Hill is a historical neighborhood in Grand Rapids built between 1880-1930.  At the time it was built, it was considered the suburbs in Grand Rapids, but currently it borders downtown Grand Rapids, making it more urban than suburban.  The historical society in Grand Rapids has made a lot of effort to restore these homes and the neighborhood is beautiful.  Many of the homes are quite large and have undergone several renovations over the years.  Several of the homes we toured had been built as single family homes, renovate to multi-family homes and then changed back to single family dwellings.  Some homes were still multi-family and some were single family.  They passed an ordinance recently stating that if you buy a home in Heritage Hill it must stay as is.  If it is multi-family, it has to stay multi-family or if it is single-family it must stay single-family.  No photos were permitted inside the homes so I only have photos of outside.




This house is considered a Frank Lloyd Wright design.  It can’t be officially called a Frank Lloyd Wright because he didn’t sign the plans for the house, but it is believed he did the original design for the house and but one of his students finished the design and was there for the construction.

While I was in Grand Rapids ArtPrize was going on, an art contest where several different pieces were being exhibited all around the city.  We stopped in one of the sites and saw some great pieces.  This first piece amazed me.


Can you guess what that piece is made out of?  I’ll give you hint with the close up.

It’s Rubics Cubes!  Isn’t that amazing!  Here’s what the artist said about his piece entitled Dream Big.

The photographer in me loved this piece.  It’s pictures of foster children who have been adopted.  See how the photos were woven together, like the new families these children were adopted into.



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