Beginning Sewing: Stocking

My friend Allison and I took a Beginning Sewing Class with the local store Sew Much More.  We made a stocking and a tunic in the class.  I have pictures of the stocking, but not the tunic, so those will have to wait for another day.  I had so much fun taking this class and I learned so much.  I actually took sewing classes as a kid and really enjoyed them.  I used to make own halloween costumes and made some clothes.  Eventually the lady who taught the classes had to pursue other career options, so no more sewing classes.  I didn’t really touch a sewing machine much after that.  My mom had a machine and she would pull it out to fix something every once in a while and then we moved overseas and had to deal with 220 voltage and all that jazz.  So I didn’t really sew much until I joined bookclub and met all these great ladies who talked about sewing.  It made me want to get back into it and then, my mother brought me my grandmother’s sewing machine from Minnesota.  It’s an Elna Lotus and is about as old as I am, but it still works great.  So over the past couple of years I have made a few projects, but I really felt like I missing some knowledge.  When I found out that Sew Much More offered sewing classes I was ready to jump in.  These classes fill up fast, so you have to sign up quickly.  Allison wanted to do it with me, so I called and signed us both up.  We did two projects, the stocking and the tunic.  I learned how to stitch in the ditch and put in a sleeve, among many other things.  I enjoyed the class so much, I signed up to take beginning quilting with Sew Much More as well.  It was so much fun!  I would love to take the class again because something different is taught each season.  In the winter you make the tunic, in the spring you make pants and in the summer you make a skirt.

Aren’t the fabrics fun.  I really like the non-traditional approach with the fabrics since the stocking itself is really traditional.  Allison, who is a first-grade teacher, made her stocking out of Valentine’s Day fabrics for her kids to put Valentine’s in.


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