Cherry Montage for the Kitchen

Back in June I went with my parents to go visit family in Iowa.  I always love going to Iowa.  My dad’s family is from rural Southeastern Iowa.  I can guarantee unless you are from the area, you haven’t heard of the towns they live in.  It is so much fun for the photographer in me to go visit because I love all the old barns.  Sadly, a lot of them are falling apart or the upkeep means transitioning from the traditional wooden red barn into aluminum siding, which just doesn’t have the same look.

Another thing I love about visiting Iowa is going for the cherry pie.  My Aunt Linda makes the best cherry pie.  Seriously, you wish you could taste pie this good.  Our whole family craves it and we can’t wait to go visit.  My brother especially.  Neil couldn’t make it on this trip and we kept sending him photos of the pie to tease him.  (We’re a little mean, in a good natured sort of way.)

On our way to Iowa we stopped in this fancy rest stop in Iowa that had a gift shop.  While wandering the gift shop I saw photographs for sale and several of them were a series of foods.  Really nice macro shots of blueberries or shelled peas or corn or some other very colorful produce.  It gave me the idea to do a series of food photos as decoration for my kitchen.  Then when we were staying at Aunt Linda’s and she was making the pie I got the idea to do a series of three photos out of cherry pie.  So this is my cherry pie series.  The first one is the cherries in the bowl, awaiting the pie.  The second one is the pie itself and the third is a slice of cherry pie w/ ice cream.  I’m having trouble deciding which cherry pie slice I like best, so if you have a thought about which one looks best, leave a comment.

Photo 1


Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4


You can see there are two different white balances on them as well.  One is a little more blue, the other a little more yellow.  Which do you think looks better?


3 thoughts on “Cherry Montage for the Kitchen

  1. I like the first photo of the pie better, but if you are making a collage of the pie process, the last one probably fits better with the first two pics. They look good enough to eat, good job Jilly Bean!

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