Project 365: 6/365

Project 365: 6/365 Movie Club

Friday night was movie club which means that we all gather at Allison’s house on a Friday night and someone picks a random movie for us to watch.  It was born out of Halloween 2010 when Allison invited us all over the her place to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Poor Allison had no idea what Rocky Horror Picture Show was about, at all.  She was completely mortified.  The whole reason she chose the movie was because Glee was doing a Rocky Horror Picture Show episode.  She planned for us to watch the movie and then watch the episode of Glee after it.

A few months later, Andrew told Allison he really enjoyed watching bad movies at her place so the group of us decided it would be really fun to once a month pick a random movie to watch all together.  The name of the person who picks is chosen from a hat the month before and the movie is kept a secret up until the play button is pressed.  This month it was Eileen’s pick and she chose The Fall, which I had never seen or even heard of.  It was really good, and it had Lee Pace who I love as an actor.

Allison made cupcakes since it was Christopher's Birthday

Allison got Gourmet Popcorn for a Christmas Present and now she's making all of us eat it for her.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

What's movie club without a little alcohol?

Or leftover champagne from New Year's Eve?

Franke got a Pomegranate Martini!

Eileen's clue for the movie we were watching.

Andrew mixed his own drink. He advocated for this to be my photo of the day, but he lost.


Happy Birthday Christopher!



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