Knitting Projects

I know how to knit.  I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned that here before.  I actually learned a long time ago, when I was a kid.  I asked my grandmother to teach me one summer when we went to Minnesota to go visit family.  I learned how to cast on, knit & purl and cast off.  And then I never did anything with it.  Fast forward to college and for some reason I become inspired to pick up knitting again.  So I got out and get a Knitting for Dummies book and relearn how to knit.  I buy some needles and a couple of skeins of yarn.  Knitted a few practice things and once again didn’t do anything with it.  Well, fast forward to last fall and some of my friends crocheting and knitting and the wonder that is pinterest and suddenly I decide I need to start knitting again.  I actually managed to do a few things.  I did a really horrible job on what was suppose to be a baby blanket, but I didn’t have enough yarn so it became a baby blanket.  I actually picked up a few tricks like knitting in the round, yarn over, and knit two together.  I made a ravelry account and found and made a couple of projects.

The first one is this adorable hat called Hermione’s Cable and Eyelet hat.  It’s based on the hat Emma Watson wore in one of Harry Potter movies.  I made one for my friend Eva for her birthday.  She loves it.  She told me last night that  she wore it downtown recently and got all kinds of compliments and now she wants one in every color.

Eva's Birthday Hat

Eva and I at her birthday with the birthday hat.

I gave the doll blanket I mentioned above to the oldest daughter of a friend from high school for Christmas and then decided it was rude to not give something to the younger daughter as well.  So I found a baby hat pattern on ravelry and got to work on the 23rd.  We were seeing them on Christmas Eve so I worked hard on that hat all day, while watching the worst movie ever the night of the 23rd (seriously, Scarface is horrifying!), all day on Christmas Eve and during the Christmas Eve service at church.  But I finally got it done.  I then gave the present and promptly forgot to take a picture, so I emailed Sarah a week later and asked for a picture and look what adorable photos she took of her daughter in the hat.  Is that not the cutest baby?

Apparently she was more interested in eating leaves than in posing, but she’s still adorable!  I used multi-colored yarn for the hat part and then white for the bow.  This pattern was a little weird and I wound up using it as a guideline more than following it precisely.  The woman who wrote it is Danish and it was originally written in Danish and I think a few things were lost in translation.


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