Project 365: 14/365

Project 365: 14/365  A Funny Story

Background for this photo.  I had no intention of taking this picture.  The night before when driving home at 11:30pm I saw the moon was really cool.  It was oddly shaped and a weird color.  So I decided on this day I would try to take a picture of the moon as my photo of the day.  So well after the sun went down, I drove out to my neighborhood park to go take a picture of the moon.  I couldn’t find it.  Seriously, the moon could not be found.  So, being on a deadline and needing to go somewhere I set off to go find a different picture.  I settled on taking pictures of the lighted tree.  There is a major intersection in my neighborhood with a beautiful old live oak tree in the middle of it.  The intersection is a round-a-bout so you drive around it as you go into the intersection.  For Christmas they puts tons of lights on the tree and it is just so pretty.  They’ve kept the lights up even after the post Christmas season and it is simply beautiful.  So that night, I started taking a picture of the tree.  I settled on the above picture which highlights the light posts with the tree as background.  I wasn’t 100% happy with it because it was hard to work around street signs which meant some cropping action to edit it before publication.


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