Project 365: 16/365

Project 365: 16/365 Practicing for Adulthood

Monday was MLK day which meant, I didn’t have to go to work.  My roommate has Monday’s off usually and my friend Allison also had the day off, so we all went to Starbucks together to keep each other company while getting stuff done.  I was hoping to take some pictures of rain, but the weather decided rain wasn’t necessary, so I wandered around Starbucks with my camera and got some pictures.  I had gone outside and taken a few pictures when I came back in and saw this little girl sitting in Starbucks with her mom.  It just cracked me up how she was sitting there with her Starbucks “coffee” and her newspaper (which was really the comics).  It was just so cute.  I took this photo across the store with my zoom lens to avoid the awkward conversation of taking a picture of a stranger.

Here are a few other photos from my wanderings.

Franke and Allison chatting about how I'm "at it again" with the camera.




I believe this was a Red Velvet Sandwich Cookie!



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