Project 365: 21/365

Project 365: 21/365 Plarn Party

My small group is participating in a ministry called Mats for Uganda.  My friend Beth is part of the organizing process in the area and after she told me about the project I got my small group involved.  The goal is to make sleeping mats for people in Uganda by recycling plastic grocery store bags into mats.  In order to do this, you must cut up the grocery bags and make them into “plarn” or plastic yarn to be crocheted into mats.  Hence, the plarn party.  Above you see Renee getting into the spirit.  People came over on Saturday night I made us dinner (and cherry pie) and we watched the first season of Modern Family on DVD (thank you Neil!) and made plarn together.  We had a really great time and did a lot of laughing.  We also made a lot of plarn! (See pictures below.)  If you’re more interested in the Mats for Uganda ministry there is a website you can go to here.

Plarn and beer, can you get more appropriate?



4 thoughts on “Project 365: 21/365

    • It’s totally ok to post the pictures. If you want I can email them to you. I’m planning on bringing the plarn to you on Friday at bookclub if you’ll be there. I thought the work day was on February 4th. Send me the info and I’ll send it on to my friends. I’m not sure if anyone can attend, several of us are doing a 5K on Feb 4th if that’s when it is and a friend has house warming that night.

      • Oops, yes February 4th! Everything else sounds good. I’ll grab the photos from your blog and repost. Thanks!

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