Project 365: 26/365

Project 365:  26/365 Miracle Earrings

Sorry for the cruddy picture, but I just had to document this.  Those earrings you see above became my miracle earrings last night.  Over a year ago I went to my cousin’s wedding in Phoenix and wore those earrings.  I then took them off and thought I placed them someplace safe in my suitcase.  When I got back from the wedding I immediately went and dogsat for some people here in town and realized a few days that I couldn’t find my earrings.  They weren’t where I thought I left them and I dug through that suitcase hardcore in search of them but just couldn’t find them.  You see, that pair is 1 of about 3 pairs of really nice, actually worth something, earrings I own so I was pretty devastated and mad at myself when I couldn’t find them.  I kept hoping every time I would use that suitcase that I would find them but no such luck.  Fast forward to Wednesday night when I am engaging in a fruitless search for my tweezers and I open up a cosmetic bag and right there in the pocket, were my earrings.  To say I was overjoyed was an understatement.  I wore them two days in a row after finding them and I’m still thrilled.  Yeah for finding things that are lost!


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