The Color Run

A few Saturdays ago my friends Eva, Allison, Franke and I participated in the Color Run.  It is suppose to be a 5K where every kilometer you run you get a different color paint thrown on you in the name of charity.  You’re suppose to wear white so the paint shows up really well.  It sounded really fun when we signed up, however the weather had other plans.  The night before there was a torrential thunderstorm with intense rain, which meant the next morning it was EXTREMELY muddy.  Mud run muddy.  Basically the run did not go as planned.

Pre-race whiteness.  We look so ready.

Eva painted her nails for the occasion.

Eva and Allison choose matching garments.

Franke is showing off her Auburn pride.

Allison and Franke bought matching leggings for the occasion.

Eva and I pre-race.  Notice the clean camera bag strapped to me.  It will never be seen again.

So, like I mentioned there was a lot of mud.  A lot of mud.  To the point that my shoes got sucked off my feet.  Allison and I wound up going barefoot out of necessity.  The socks I was wearing didn’t make it back with me period, but I managed to keep the shoes.  The paint throwing did go as planned either, because we didn’t really get paint thrown on us during the race.  We also skipped parts of the race due to the mud, it just wasn’t worth the effort of doing the whole race since every time we stepped our feet would get stuck.  Thankfully, our futures brightened when we ended the race because they race officials were throwing out color paint.  They were standing on top of a Uhaul and threw paint into what was basically a mosh pit next to the truck.  We had a lot fun and got a lot of color….

We also received packets of color to throw on each other.

With glasses.

Without glasses.

Did I mention it was really muddy?

Allison had fun.

She also fell in the mud.

Allison and Eva

Like I said, mosh pit.

Post race beauties.

Getting a little silly.

And maybe a little slap-happy.

Post race feet.

Post race face.


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