Project 365: 42/365

Project 365: 42/365  I chose beer

This picture was from two Saturdays ago, when the Calvin Hope Rivalry game was on.  I went to Calvin College and our Rivalry school was hope and every year we have a basketball rivalry game which is a huge deal.  It goes back over 90 years.  Sadly, Hope won, as they have the past few years.  Maybe next year Calvin.  The significance of the picture above is that I it’s a picture of the beer I ordered.  I don’t like beer, but I have several friends that do and they have been on a mission to find a beer that I will like.  Through this forced trial and error process it has been discovered that I dislike wheat the least of all beers.  So, on this day, with none of my friends around and no pressure from anybody, in the spirit of sports watching, I chose to drink a beer.  A small miracle yes, but a miracle none the less.  I kind of enjoyed it, actually.  We’ll see if it ever happens again.


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