Project 365: 44/365

Project 365: 44/365 Hadley

My sweet friends Josh and Erica are moving to Sherman, TX.  A week ago I went to their house to go spend some time with them and their precious baby Hadley.  I brought my camera to capture a few shots of Hadley.  I tried to use my macro lens when shooting, but I need more practice on using this lens with small children.  I tend to fight with the automatic focus when trying to use a shallow depth of field.  As you can see in the photo, poor Hadley has been sick for a week and not feeling terribly good.  I managed to make her happy for a little while when we were outside sitting in the grass but even that ended after a while.  Baby colds stink!  Erica had to run out for a few errands so I gave Hadley a bath and put her to bed.  Poor thing didn’t go down well.  I think she just eventually just gave up and decided to go to sleep.


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