Book club February 2012

I hosted book club this month, which meant I got an opportunity to use some of the recipes I’ve pinning on Pinterest.  The book we read was Divergent.  I love using Pinterest and there are great recipes available on Pinterest, but they are usually for feeding multiple people and since I usually feed just myself I don’t get an opportunity to let those particular creative juices flow very often.  Hence my excitement at getting to feed more people than just myself at book club.

First up is Bacon-Wrapped Green Beans.

These were great and they tasted delicious.  And the best part was that I made them up the night before and just popped them in the oven 30 minutes before book club started.  I would recommend making up the sauce after you roll up the green beans in the bacon.  I tried to make it while rolling up the green beans and it didn’t work so well.  You’re suppose to brush the sauce on immediately, but I wasn’t quite done rolling the beans so I lowered the temperature so the sauce wouldn’t burn, but stayed hot while I finished.  When I went to put it on I forgot that you were supposed to brush it on until after I had dumped it and discovered the carmelization had hardened, so some of the rolls of beans got more thoroughly coated than others.  I put these in the caserole dish as recommended, covered them and then put them in the fridge overnight.  They still tasted great so it would be an ideal party appetizer since you can make them up the night before and just pop them in the oven right before your party starts.  This recipe was a definite keeper.

Dijon ham & asparagus crescent rolls

I forgot to get a picture of these post baking.  These were really delicious and easy to make.  One day I would like to actually like to make crescent rolls from scratch, but for the sake of my sanity, yesterday was not that day.  I used the Pilsbury kind from the can and they were just fine.  I didn’t have dijon mustard, but I had regular mustard and I figured that would work just fine.  I wound up buying Black Forest Ham because it was fancy foods section at the grocery store.  It was sliced rather thickly so I only used one slice instead two as recommended in the recipe.  I will definitely use this recipe again.

Cheesy Garlic Bread

This wasn’t exactly healthy, but it sounded so good.  I bought Pilsbury pizza crust from the grocery store for this.  We do have Papa Murphy’s but I only know of ones about 30 minutes from my house so I wasn’t driving that far.  The Pilsbury crust worked well.  At least I thought so.  The can recommended a prebake of 5 minutes, which I did.  The recipe also called for minced garlic from the jar but I didn’t have any and could remember where it was in the grocery store while I was shopping.  So I used the garlic heads I had at home and just chopped them up and put them on the pizza.  The recipe also recommended drizzling the oil from the minced garlic jar on the dough, but since I didn’t have a jar I instead used some truffle oil I had in the pantry and drizzled it on.  I also did not use shredded cheese just like the recipe said not to do and the cheese melted really well.

Sugared Pecans in Crockpot

These were super delicious and addictive.  I made them on Thursday night.  I’ve tried to make candied nuts in the past, but it always winds up coming down as a battle between me and my oven and the oven usually wins.  I have burned practically every single nut I have tried to make.  So when I saw these were made in the crockpot I thought it might go a little better and I was right.  These recipe was easy to follow and they turned out great.  I kept snacking on them Thursday night and had to remind myself to stop before I ate them all!

Margarita Cupcakes w/ Tequila Lime Buttercream

These were my only disappointment for the night.  I googled a recipe for the cake part of the cupcakes and came up with this recipe which is supposed to be from Joy of Baking.  It did not turn out well.  They were kind of dry and dense, not the way cake should be.  The icing on the other hand was great.  I added more lime juice because I really like lime flavor which meant adding a lot more sugar to soak up the liquid.  I think I could have added more because it still turned out rather soft.  It also make A LOT of icing, but tasted really great.  I still have leftover icing, but I think I’ll find a different recipe for the cake part.

Thanks ladies for a wonderful evening!



2 thoughts on “Book club February 2012

  1. Hello Jill!
    I love hosting book club for the same reasons! You can try out new recipes and get feedback 🙂 I’ve never read Divergent. It seems similar to the Hunger Games or even a book we read recently (Gone).

    I’m glad you enjoyed the tequila buttercream. Next time, you can completely omit the milk if you like more lime juice- then you won’t have to add so much powdered sugar. Also, for an extra lime punch you can mix together some lime juice & tequila and brush it onto your cupcakes while they are still warm. It will soak into the cake a bit and tastes great!

    🙂 Nikki

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