Project 365: 82/365

Project 365: 82/365 Oh, Happy Hour!

My roommate wanted to do Happy Hour at Moonshines last week and who am I to say no. I love Moonshines, it’s one of my favorite restaurants here in Austin.  All of the food is good. For happy hour, the specialty cocktails are all $4.00 and the appetizers are half price.  We each ordered a drink and an appetizer.  What you see above is the Cucumber Cosmopolitan Martini and it was delish! Seriously, one of the best cosmos I have ever had. We also indulged in beer battered asparagus, baked brie and Franke ordered the hard lemonade.  Take a look at the pictures and tell me whether or not you can resist.

Instead of chips, they serve this delicious spiced popcorn.

See, beer-battered asparagus.

And baked brie.  Seriously, I could eat this everyday.


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