Project 365: 84/365

Project 365: 84/365 View from Enchanted Rock

On Saturday, some of my friends and I took a day trip over to Enchanted Rock.  I’ve only been to Enchanted Rock park once before and I was there for a photography workshop which did not involve climbing the summit.  So this time around, I got to the top!  It was a great day.  Partly cloudy with big blue sky.  The eight of us had a great day, taking out time to make the way up the rock.  At one point we had stopped to take in the view and this kid comes along complaining to his dad that, “It doesn’t look very enchanting!”  We laughed a lot after they passed.  Hear are a few pictures from the day.

Allison, Colin and Vanessa admiring the view.

Enjoying the view.

I think Lola was having fun too!

It's the top!

Colin "rock climbing".

Stacy and Renee enjoying the cave.

The whole group.


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