Project 365: 87/365

Project 365: 87/365 Dinner for Forty?

Tuesday night my small group got together to provide dinner for the residents currently staying at Ronald McDonald House here in Austin.  If you are not familiar with Ronald McDonald House, it’s a charity hotel that provides very low rate housing for families of children who are sick in the hospital.  Here in Austin, it is located just next door to Dell Children’s Hospital.  Our group had a really great time providing this meal for the families staying there.  The kitchen was huge, and well equipped (3 ovens) and we actually got everything done a little earlier than necessary.  We got a lot of compliments on the meal and had a great time together as a group.  Here are some other photos from the day.  Unfortunately, I managed to forget to take a group picture before people had to go.

Browning the meat.

Allison is very good at cooking.

The pans are greased and ready for the BBQ cups.

Putting the meat into the cups.

Ready for the oven.

Salad, of course.

The Dueling Foxes make dinner.

Fresh out of the oven.

And then clean up.

Then, Andrew discovered the playground and we all decided to revisit our childhood.  I was in a skirt, hence no pictures of me climbing the strange playground apparatus.

Andrew found all the equipment very odd.

Ronald McDonald agreed to pose with Andrew and Corley.

After preparing dinner for other people, we decided to go out to dinner together as a group at Contigo, which is a new restaurant that opened in East Austin.  I highly recommend this place.  It is really good food.  I mean really good food.  They also have a wide selection of beer and wine as well.  And you must try the green bean crisps.  That’s an order!

It's called "After the Storm".

They didn't realize they wore matching shirts until Daniel arrived.


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