Project 365: 106/365

Project 365: 106/365 Happy Birthday Allison!

Yesterday was Allison’s birthday.  I organized a surprise birthday party for her at Z’Tejas and let me tell you, I had to work hard to pull this off.  I wanted to make it seem like only four of us were taking her dinner and surprise her with the other 11 people who were joining us for dinner.  Well, when we got to her house she was still doing her taxes.  We’ve also been planning a trip together and since we needed to use up some additional time before surprise time, I suggested we purchase our plane tickets quickly before going.  (I thought we had already picked them out and just needed to purchase them.  Boy was I wrong!)  Needless to say, we were rather delayed.  I had everyone show up at the restaurant at 6:30 pm, and we don’t get there until about 7:20.  Sorry guys!  But at least Allison was surprised and she had a good time.


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