Happy 30th Birthday Jill!

My birthday was a few weeks ago and it was a fabulous party.  I rented out the Blue Starlite Drive-In for my party.  They do private parties and they will show the movie of your choice at the party.  We had an hour before the movie started to hang out and take advantage of the photo booth, before we started Adventures in Babysitting, one of my favorite movies!  I had originally planned to set up a photo booth with my own camera equipment, but a deal through Living Social for a 2 hour Photo Booth rental through Shutterqube came up and I just had to take advantage of it.  It was great.  They offered unlimited printing on site, props and an online photo gallery.

My mom and I made pulled pork sandwiches for everyone to eat and my mom made Snickerdoodle cupcakes for my birthday.  They were so good!  Everyone said they had a really great time and most people had not seen the movie before, so it was new to a lot of people.  It was a wonderful birthday and I had a ton of fun!  Thank you to all my friends who were able to make it, you made my day even more special!  Please enjoy some of the photos from the photobooth.


3 thoughts on “Happy 30th Birthday Jill!

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