WIP Wednesday: I’m so close!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I’m so close to being finished with my scraptastic quilt.  I finished doing the quilting last week and started binding it on our sewing retreat (more on that later) this past weekend.  I just have to finish hand sewing the binding to the quilt and then I’m done!  Yeah!

I also got a chance to start my 30th birthday quilt.  I foolishly thought I would be able to finish it on the retreat, but I was completely wrong about that one.  I did get pretty far.  What you see below is what I got up on the design board while at the retreat.

I’m very excited about this quilt because it incorporates pictures from the birthday party and also notes people wrote to me for my quilt.

Lastly, while at the retreat Amanda, Jenn and I participate in a Jelly Roll Contest.  Amanda was sure Jenn would be beat and I will she whooped our butts entirely.  We didn’t start this until the very end of the retreat and wound up having to discontinue.  Jenn was the only one to finish her quilt top.  I didn’t finish mine until last night.  It still turned out cute though.

Now I just need to pick out a backing, quilt it and bind it.  No problem right?

This week’s stats:

  1. New projects-2
  2. Completed projects-0
  3. Currently in progress-3



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