Sewing Retreat

As promised, a post about the sewing retreat.  My friends and I try to take a long weekend to spend together sewing and enjoying each others company.  This time wound up being on Mother’s Day weekend because that was the only opening the Wimberly Quilt Ranch had available.  As I mentioned in a previous post, this was the first time we ever had good weather to enjoy the property.  The first visit was last August, when we were having record breaking heat in Texas.  Basically, if you didn’t have to be outside, you weren’t.  Then in December we experienced the opposite problem, cold, wet dreary weather.  It spent nearly the entire time drizzling/raining/being wet.  Another case of if you don’t have to be outside, you weren’t.  But this time the weather was just loverly.  The house had a couple of great screened-in porches and with the breezes and mild spring temps, it was simply wonderful to be outside.  I wound up eating a couple of my meals out on the porch just so I could enjoy the weather.

I also did manage to spend some time working on my quilts.  I’ve mentioned my scraptastic quilt before.  Well, after a considerable debate on my part and (let’s be honest) sheer laziness, I bought some fabric at Valli & Kim to make into binding for the quilt.  (I chose Echo by Lotta Jansdotter.  Love this fabric collection!)  I spent Friday afternoon making the binding and sewing it onto the quilt.  After that, I got to work on my birthday quilt.  I purchased The Practical Guide to Patchwork by Elizabeth Hartman awhile ago and I simply fell in love with this book.  It is such a great reference book and has such great quilts in it.  I chose to do the Small Plates quilt from the book.  The squares were perfect for framing the pictures and messages from my friends that I had from my birthday party.  I used Printed Treasures by Dritz to print out pictures for the quilt.  I won’t go into detail about the fight I had with photoshop to get these photos to print out the way I wanted them to print out, but I got it done.  That was where my prep for the quilt ended.  So I spent most of Friday evening cutting out squares and strips of fabric.  It led to my feet hurting a lot and a very tired Jill who went to bed before 10:30 on a Friday night!  Saturday too involved more cutting, but I did have a chance to start sewing some.  I got started on the blocks which was great.  By the evening though, when I had finally gotten everything cut out, I was pretty well done in.

Some of us decided to watch one of the movies I brought: Public Enemies.  Got to say, not exactly a fun times happy movie there.  I attempted to work on hand-stitching the binding to the quilt, but the movie required too much of my attention in order to understand what was going on.  Sunday morning though, I finally finished up the blocks and then starting arranging them on the quilt board.  This took longer than anticipated, and it wound up being as far as I got on the birthday quilt.

Because, after that, we commenced with the jelly roll contest.

I’d never heard of or participated in this contest before, but Amanda and Jenn mentioned it, so I was game.  Amanda said before hand that she was sure Jenn would win, because she is already so fast when she sews.  Well, my friends it wasn’t even a contest, but Jenn blew it out of the water.  Amanda and I didn’t come anywhere close to beating her.  In fact, Amanda and I couldn’t even manage to finish before we had to check out of the ranch.  I didn’t wind up finishing the quilt top until Tuesday.  It was a great weekend though.  Thank you lades for a wonderful time!

Jenn’s Drunkards path quilt

Ellie’s weekend creations.


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