Project 365: 138/365

Project 365: 138/365 Sugar Cookies

Last Thursday night I got it into my head that I needed to bake cookies.  For some reason, these popped into my head as something I could do.  These are Sugar Cookies from  the Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook.  Dear heavens they are heavenly.  Seriously good.  I’ve made them once before and used them as the “bread” part for a cookie sandwich (margarita flavored icing went in the middle).  The funny thing about this photo is that I had gone to bed, turned out the lights and was laying there trying to fall asleep when I suddenly bolted up and remembered that I had not taken a photo yet that day.  So I trotted downstairs at 11:37 pm and took photos of the cookies.  Got it in just under the wire.

By the way, if you make these cookies, be sure to have plenty of people you can share with.  Trust me, these cookies are too dangerous to leave sitting around your house.  I brought them to work on Friday and by the end of the day I only had four left to take home.  And a third of my unit was there last Friday.


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