Project 365: 150/365

Project 365: 150/365 It feels good to purge

On Tuesday I brought several books and DVDs to the post office to mail to new owners through Paperback Swap.  What is Paperback Swap you ask?  Well, I’m happy to tell you.  Paperback Swap is an amazing website that allows you to exchange books with people all over the country for free.  So for example, if I needed to find a book for book club, instead of going to the bookstore and spending money on a new book, I go to Paperback Swap and see if the book is available.  I then request it and wait while the member who currently owns the book to mail it to me.  The same is true to SwapaDVD.  When you first sign up, you just have to post 10 books to get 2 book credits.  Then, as you mail out books to people you get a book credit for each book sent.  The same is true for DVDs.  And, if you go online and sign up, you can list me as a reference and I get an additional credit!  What a great system right?  My nickname is jillheartphotos, so just put that in the referral line when you sign up to give me credit.  I hope you take advantage of Paperback Swap, if you haven’t already because it is a great resource!


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