Project 365: 192/365


Project 365: 192/365 Papaya Salad

Last Tuesday night I went to Thai Fresh for cooking class.  The class was Thai Street Foods.  The class was amazing!  I highly recommend taking a class with Jam.  She’s a great teacher and you learned by doing and then you get to eat it!  We made the Papaya Salad you see above, and Pad Thai, Moo Ping (grilled pork on a stick), & fried bananas.  Everything was so good.  And Jam served Thai sticky rice, some thing I love and have not eaten in over 12 years! (Not an exaggeration, literally over 12 years.) And she told me how to make it and where to buy it!  P.S. They have regular deals on groupon for cooking class!  That’s how I knew about this place.


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