Project 365: 194/365


Project 365: 194/365 My gift

Last Thursday I hosted a Lia Sophia jewelry party.  This was my free gift for hosting a party.  Us girls had a really good time and I made some great food.  I was too flustered making sure it was all ready for the party to take photos of the food before we all finished eating it. I made Kale chips, which I just love and I tried two pinterest recipes.  The first was Honey Lime Chicken Skewers which were really good and super easy to make.  I fired up my grill and put them on there and they were delicious!  I also made green bean fries, which I’m pretty sure I could consume every day of the week.  This recipe called for deep frying them, which was really good but it said to serve them with just ranch dressing.  However, this recipe had this amazing roasted garlic dipping sauce to go with the green beans, which was amazing.  I highly recommend all three of these recipes!


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