Project 365: 241/365


Project 365: 241/365 I tried to burn the house down

Ok, so this deserves the full story.  I had volunteered to make cookie sandwiches for work, so a couple nights before hand I decided to make the cookies.  Well, I was also supposed to go over to a friend’s house to discuss a new church.  I had just put the second sheet of cookies into the oven when I looked up and realized I was supposed to leave to get to the friend’s house.  So I just up and left.  The oven still on, cookies still baking in the oven.  I came home two hours earlier to the timer still going off, a house full of smoke and a ruined cookie sheet.  Seriously, I am so lucky my house did not burn down.  Needless to say, this particular mistake was documented for Project 365.


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