Project 365: 361/365

Day 361 (1 of 1)


Project 365: 361/365 Dad’s New Apron

For Christmas, I made my dad an apron.  My dad loves to grill, but he has a tendency to be messy when cooking/grilling.  My mom suggested that I make him an apron for Christmas.  So on Black Friday we headed to the fabric store to see what we could find.  We found the dark blue vinyl you see pictured above.  It’s a tablecloth like material in that the back is soft.  We then found the cotton print to match it and I bought red double fold bias tape to edge it.  The width was 60 inches, so I turned that 60 inches into the length and then made the width about 24 inches.  I then narrowed the top and used the cotton print as the ties.  I wound up having enough material left over to make and identical one for my brother, who just got a grill for his birthday.


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