Happy New Year!

New Years 2013 (11 of 6)


Happy New Year!  May 2103 be a wonderful year for you! Oh, wait a minute…

Ok, here we go.  Have a wonderful 2013!

New Years 2013 (12 of 6)

Here are some other photos from New Year’s Eve!

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Project 365: 363/365

Day 363 (1 of 1)


Project 365: 363/365 Dotty wishes you a Happy New Year

Well, somewhere along the way I seemed to have missed two days.  My counting seems to be off, becuase I know I took photos everyday, so I’m going to have to do a little research and find out what I missed.  In the meantime, this will be the last project 365 post for a while, and possible forever.  I didn’t accomplish quite as much as I wanted to accomplish photography-wise but I think I did improve.  This year I really want to work on improving my editing skills, so I’m going to try to focus on that.

Project 365: 356/365

Day 356 (1 of 1)


Project 365: 356/365 Christmas Eve Dominoes

You may have noticed I skipped a day.  I took a picture on 355, but I’m having software issues.  Apparently I need some very serious updates, which I’m working on.

Moving on to Christmas Even Dominoes.  Dominoes on Christmas Eve are a long standing tradition.  We have family friends we’ve known upwards of 15 years and we have hung out with them on Christmas Eve for the past 11 our of 12 years.  Their youngest son’s birthday is on Christmas Eve, so we always celebrate his birthday.  And we play dominoes.  It’s a great tradition with some really great people.

Project 365: 351/365

Day 351 (1 of 1)


Project 365: 351/365 Christmas Cards

These are the Christmas Cards my parents have received.  I don’t send out Christmas Cards, therefore I don’t really get any Christmas Cards.  My parents get plenty though.  This year my mom found these adorable bells that serve as holders.  They were meant to be place card holders for a dinner party, but I think they look fantastic and festive holding the Christmas Cards.

Project 365: 350/365

Day 350 (1 of 1)


Project 365: 350/365 First presents under the tree!

The first Christmas presents are under the tree.  I finally got them wrapped and put them under my tree.  It really only lasted a day under my tree because then my brother came home and we went to my parents house which is 45 minutes away.  Now they are residing under my parents tree.  But they are wrapped and waiting!